True Fit

Brand Design

True Fit is a leader in fashion technology. They use data analytics and AI machine learning to transform how people find clothing and footwear. Their products not only improve online shopping but also tackle industry challenges, reducing returns and promoting sustainability in fashion.

True Fit helps people find clothes and shoes they'll love.

titles held:

Art Director  |   2020 – 2023

Creative Design Manager  |  2019 – 2020

Senior Designer   |   2017 – 2019

Graphic Designer   |    2012 – 2015

What I did:


Series A

Venture Round 

Series B

Series C

Venture Round



Art Direction

Brand Identity

Tone of Voice


Visual Strategy


Content Strategy

Web Design

Digital Strategy

Content Creation

Promotional Content

Marketing Emails



Marketing Strategy



Event Design


Brand Strategy

Over 11 years at True Fit, I spearheaded the development and evolution of the brand strategy, ensuring it consistently reflected the core philosophy of living “true to you.” This journey saw the brand through numerous transformations, each iteration embedding visual elements and messaging with this authentic principle, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to individuality and self-expression.