True Fit

At True Fit, I led the strategic planning, wireframing, and successful launch initiatives for the company’s rebranded B2B and B2C websites, leveraging the HubSpot platform.

With a keen focus on marketing lead generation, our efforts culminated in significant milestones within the first year post-launch. Notably, we achieved an average monthly pageview count of 35,000, highlighted user engagement, accompanied by an impressive 40% reduction in bounce rate.

2022 homepage

Building a Digital Strategy from Data

After the initial launches, we continued to reiterate and improve, implementing data-driven decision-making by consistently monitoring website analytics using HubSpot, Hotjar, and Google Analytics data. After seeing common themes in intro calls, we decided to add in three pillar pages that speak to the needs of potential Retail partners. These pages acted as a “home base” for popular topics like returns and inventory supply, allowing the user to easily find the challenges that matter most to them. 

Core Pillar Landing Pages