Linden Digital Marketing

Identity and Web Design

I had the unique opportunity to launch the branding of Linden Digital Marketing, a thriving 12-person agency headquartered in Rochester, NY. Linden is led by business and marketing entrepreneur, Lindsay Connelly. This talented team caters to a variety of industries in Central New York, ranging from restaurants to manufacturers. Our collaboration aimed to provide them with a refreshed and cohesive brand presence in this competitive digital marketing landscape.

Brand Strategy

1.   |   Create a modern brand identity that reflects Linden Digital Marketing’s values.

2.  |  Craft captivating hand-drawn illustrations for each package level.

3.  |  Design a user-friendly website to showcase Linden’s skillset and offerings.

4.  |  Establish clear guidelines for consistent branding.

Logo, Typography, and Color Guidelines

One of the core elements of this project was the creation of a brand new logo that would effectively encapsulate the spirit of Linden Digital Marketing. The logo design journey resulted in a visual representation that embodies the agency’s professionalism, creativity, and adaptability.