Karpus Investment 


  • Industry Research
  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Website Design
  • Brand Support

I had the privilege of leading a transformative project for Karpus Investment, an established investment management company located in upstate New York. When we began, their existing branding, logo, and website were outdated and in need of a modern facelift. This project encompassed a comprehensive rebranding effort, a website overhaul, and the creation of captivating graphics to elevate their digital presence. We turned their weak and dated digital footprint into a powerful lead generator, complemented by an innovative coffee promotion for potential clients. The transformation not only breathed new life into their image but also positioned them as a forward-thinking player in their industry.

Brand Strategy

1.   |   Revamp Karpus Investment’s logo while retaining its core essence.

2.  |  Launch an informative, user-friendly website for a robust online presence.

3.  |  Create engaging digital graphics that reinforce brand messaging.

4.  |  Drive customer acquisition by leveraging the power of online leads and innovative promotional tactics like custom new client coffee


We embarked on the journey to refresh Karpus Investment’s visual identity while retaining the essence of their existing logo. The redesigned logo now strikes a perfect balance between the company’s heritage and a contemporary look, reinforcing their brand identity.

Web Design
& Development

Karpus Investment’s online presence was significantly enhanced through the launch of a new and user-friendly website. The site not only showcases their expertise and services but also provides an engaging platform for potential clients.

Brand Support

Digital Outreach and Client Acquisition:

Prior to our intervention, Karpus Investment struggled to attract new clients online. However, with our strategic approach, we successfully transformed their digital presence into a potent lead-generation tool. Additionally, we introduced an innovative coffee packaging promotion for potential clients after their initial calls, leaving a memorable impression.

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