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EarthPlanter stands as a leading player in the market, offering a highly sought-after commercial self-watering planter that delivers substantial advantages to a wide range of businesses. These innovative planters have found homes in various commercial properties, from the prestigious University of New Hampshire to the bustling urban landscape of Downtown Bethesda, MD.

Upon recognizing the need for a fresh and modern identity, the company’s owner approached me to revitalize EarthPlanter’s brand and transform the website into a dynamic e-ccomerce experience. This expansion also laid the groundwork for future endeavors, as the company planned to extend its offerings to residential customers. 

Brand Strategy

1.   |   Elevate the existing branding to achieve a refined and professional identity.

2.  |    Visually communicate the tangible benefits EarthPlanter brings to its users.

3.  |    Improve the user experience by simplifying the custom quote request process.

4.  |  Exhibit the exceptional product quality through user generated content.

Visual Identity


EarthPlanter needed a contemporary brand overhaul, as their existing identity failed to align with the sophisticated aesthetic the team aimed to present.

Web Design
& Development

Next, all existing content was ported to WordPress and a structured user-flow was charted. Prioritizing engaging visuals and clearly defined pathways for diverse potential clients was of paramount importance. This transformation aimed to provide an organized, informative, and visually captivating online experience that effectively showcased EarthPlanter’s value to commercial spaces. The ultimate aim was to seamlessly combine functionality and design, ensuring the online presence mirrors the excellence of their products and services.

"Following enhancements to the website and brand, EarthPlanter achieved a remarkable 50% year-on-year growth."

Content Strategy

A crucial aspect of this project involved formulating a content and marketing strategy for EarthPlanter. In alignment with the brand’s goals, we embarked on the mission to establish a robust social media presence. Our approach sourced content through active engagement with existing customers, encouraging them to share captivating photographs of their EarthPlanters. These user-generated visuals became instrumental in fueling our social media channels and enriching our web gallery, creating an authentic and visually compelling narrative of the EarthPlanter experience.

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