Rebrand, Web Design, Brand Support

EarthPlanter has made a name for itself nationwide, providing self-watering planters for businesses all over the country. From Institutions like the University of New Hampshire to bustling spots like Downtown Bethesda, Maryland, you don’t have to look to far to spot an EarthPlanter in the wild.

When the owner saw the opportunity to freshen up their brand and boost their online store, we teamed up to make it happen. Our goal was to keep the essence of the original logo intact while giving the brand a modern twist and upgrading its overall aesthetic. This not only breathed new life into EarthPlanter’s image but also paved the way for future growth into the residential market, proving their dedication to staying innovative and forward-thinking.


Following our rebrand and web transformation, EarthPlanter achieved a remarkable 50% year-on-year growth.

Brand Strategy

1.   |   Elevate the existing branding to achieve a refined and professional identity.

2.  |    Visually communicate the tangible benefits EarthPlanter brings to its users.

3.  |    Improve the user experience by simplifying the custom quote request process.

4.  |  Exhibit the exceptional product quality through user generated content.