Dirty Face


  • Industry Research
  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Product Design

Dirty Face is a unique line of beauty products bearing the name of Shel Silverstein’s whimsical poem. When tasked with crafting an identity for this brand, the objective was to seamlessly incorporate various elements from the poem. The vintage-styled imagery in the branding was directly inspired by each line of the poem, capturing its playful and whimsical essence. Dirty Face caters to environmentally conscious consumers, using exclusively all-natural ingredients. It is designed for individuals who prioritize what they put both in and on their bodies.

Brand Strategy

1.   |   Infuse the brand identity with the playful and whimsical spirit of Shel Silverstein’s poem “Dirty Face.”

2.  |  Reflect the brand’s commitment to using all-natural ingredients and eco-friendly practices throughout the visual identity and packaging design.

3.  |  Develop a distinctive logo and style guidelines that ensure Dirty Face stands out in the competitive beauty product market.

4.  |  Use vintage-inspired imagery and design elements to convey the brand’s focus on celebrating and enhancing natural beauty.

Dirty Face

by Shel Silverstein

Where did you get such a dirty face,

My darling dirty-faced child? 

I got it from crawling along in the dirt

And biting two buttons off Jeremy’s shirt.

I got it from chewing the roots of a rose

And digging for clams in the yard with my nose.

I got it from peeking into a dark cave

And painting myself like a Navajo brave.

I got it from playing with coal in the bin

And signing my name in cement with my chin.

I got if from rolling around on the rug

And giving the horrible dog a big hug.

I got it from finding a lost silver mine

And eating sweet blackberries right off the vine.

I got it from ice cream and wrestling and tears

And from having more fun than you’ve had in years.

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