Bayer Video Tours


  • Industry Research
  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Website Design
  • Brand Support

I had the opportunity to collaborate with Bayer Video Tours, a renowned film and photography company that specializes in creating captivating Real Estate listing tours. Their dedication to pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling is evident through their use of cutting-edge camera technology, which allows them to offer immersive 3D house tours and stunning drone footage to showcase properties. In this project, my role was to spearhead a complete transformation of their brand identity and craft a modern, user-centric website that would resonate with their audience.

Brand Strategy

1.   |   Create a contemporary, memorable brand identity for Bayer Video Tours.

2.  |  Develop an intuitive, responsive website for seamless property exploration.

3.  |  Increase recognition and consistency across all brand touchpoints.

4.  |  Develop a website that attracts and converts potential buyers and sellers.


To commence, I embarked on a comprehensive research journey into Bayer Video Tours’ core values and market positioning. Armed with insights, I embarked on a creative process of brainstorming and design iterations, ultimately yielding a modern logo, a harmonious color palette, and typography that seamlessly encapsulated the company’s spirit of innovation and professionalism.

Web Design

In crafting Bayer Video Tours’ web design, I injected a burst of vibrant, poppy colors to infuse the brand with character and energy. The website offers a clear and inviting path for Real Estate Agents, Home Buyers, and prospective employees.

To add a touch of whimsy and clarity, I introduced playful yet informative technical icons throughout the site, enhancing its overall appeal and functionality.

Stunning video clips captured during tours take center stage, gracing many of the website’s hero sections. These immersive visuals elevate the browsing experience, offering a captivating glimpse of Bayer’s capabilities.

For Real Estate Agents, the platform provides an enticing proposition – partnering with Bayer Video Tours can boost property interest, a crucial advantage in today’s online-focused home buying landscape. Home Buyers are empowered by a user-friendly property search feature, facilitating seamless exploration of Bayer’s portfolio.

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