Backyard Garlic


  • Logo Design
  • Brand Support

Completed in Collaboration with
Brown & Company Design

Backyard Garlic, a local garlic company located on the scenic New Hampshire seacoast, was in need of a new distinctive brand identity. They sought a unique logo that captured the essence of their farm-to-table garlic cultivation and drying process. I was brought into the project as a contractor due to my expertise in hand lettering, which played a pivotal role in crafting the logo’s unique visual identity.

Backyard Garlic Product shots courtesy of Backyard Garlic.

The design journey began with extensive research and brainstorming sessions. I explored various techniques, drawing styles, and typographic choices to reflect the company’s character and values. This iterative process involved sketching, digital rendering, and experimentation.

After numerous iterations, we arrived at the perfect logo for Backyard Garlic. The final design combined a hand-drawn garlic bulb with a custom-designed rustic font. The green earthy tones and organic lines of the logo embody the company’s commitment to natural, farm-fresh produce.

The Backyard Garlic logo successfully captures the spirit of the brand. It has become the centerpiece of their branding, featured on product packaging, signage, and promotional materials.

Email Design

Backyard Garlic Product shots courtesy of Backyard Garlic.