A&G Homebrew Supply 


  • Industry Research
  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Product Design

I had the opportunity to collaborate with A&G Homebrew Supply, a cherished beer and wine making supply store nestled in the heart of downtown Portsmouth. This project aimed to craft a range of enticing, beer-themed products that would resonate with the passionate community of beer enthusiasts frequenting the store. My mission was to create an array of merchandise, including pint glasses, magnets, coasters, and t-shirts, each designed to capture the essence of homebrewing and the love for quality beer.

The design of these pint glasses artfully combined beer-themed phrases with Portsmouth’s local vocabulary and renowned landmarks. This unique fusion not only celebrated the love for beer but also paid homage to the local community, making these glasses distinctive collector’s items for both residents and visitors alike. Also available as T-shirts.

Hop Coasters

I crafted these coasters by creatively incorporating different hop varieties into a square design, experimenting with fonts and sizes to achieve an eye-catching result. These are the perfect gift for the beer enthusiast in your life or just to elevate your gatherings. 

Homebrew Equipment Print

Beer aficionados in Portsmouth can attest to the city’s storied history and well-earned reputation as a hub for brewing excellence. Back in the 1880s, Portsmouth proudly hosted the Frank Jones Brewery, which stood as the nation’s largest beer producer at the time. This custom graphic not only pays homage to this rich heritage but also spotlights the modern tools employed by today’s homebrewers, ranging from wort chillers to carboys. It’s a tribute to the enduring spirit of craftsmanship in Portsmouth’s beer culture.

Beer Magnets

Crafted exclusively for A&G Homebrew, these magnets are designed to bring a touch of personality to your kegerators and beer fridges. Featuring an assortment of hop varieties and lighthearted homebrew humor, these magnets are not just fridge decor; they’re a playful nod to the vibrant community of A&G patrons who love to adorn their brewing spaces with a bit of character and charm.

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